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Rules of the Forum

Post by Daywalker on Mon Jul 25, 2011 9:09 pm

First and Foremost, Rules are for Everyone.

Including Moderators and Administrators with No Exceptions!
We all must follow and obey Rules in our daily lives from speed limits, to being on time to work, and even waiting in line for your morning coffee at your favorite java house.
Without Rules the world would be total chaos, and this forum is no different.
We will try to keep the Rules simple and as few as possible, so please read them and abide by them.
Again, no one is exempt from the rules.

Most of them are simple common sense and common courtesy. So if you post something and it seems a bit out of line, then it probably is.

1.) No Political Discussion What So Ever.....Period.
We all have our own views and opinions, party affiliations, favorite candidates, elected officials, and issues.
This Is Not the Place for that.
We welcome everyone here at ATG and that welcome is extended to everyone regardless of Race, Color, Religion, Party Preference, Sexual Preference, or Gender.
We Care Not if you are Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Progressive, Right Wing, Left Wing, or Conservative. So please keep it to yourself.
If you have a post on the forum already that is Political in nature it will most likely be removed.

There is only One Exception to this Rule and that is the NRA NEWS category, which is intended for the benefit of every firearm owner YOU, and is not intended to be used as a political pundit.
Likewise, if you have some new information that pertains to OUR Gun Rights, please post it in the NRA NEWS section. We only ask that it is Actual News with Factual Information and not simply hearsay or rumor.
Open discussion on those issues is permissible in this section Only and Will be Moderated Closely.

2.) Racial, Sexual, or Religious Discrimination Or Harassment Could Result In Immediate Termination Of Your Account!
These Big 3 issues have a ZERO Tolerance Policy!
If you are observed discriminating against any member of the forum in any way, shape, or form in the above manner......You Will Be Gone Plain and Simple.

We here at ATG Reserve The Right To Not Associate Ourselves or Our Website With These Types Of Individuals!

3.) Questionable or Offensive Content of Any Kind Will Not Be Tolerated!
Please remember that we have women and may have younger members either here on ATG, or possibly reading what is posted. We don't want to get a reputation as a bunch of filthy mouthed perverts. Let's keep it clean, some mild language is permitted. You know what's acceptable to use in public and what is not.
If you wouldn't use that language in front of your daughter, wife, or grandmother Please don't use it here.
From time to time we all receive questionable emails from our circle of friends (You know the ones) and while it may be funny in a group of guys, it's not appropriate to share it here on ATG.
Share it with your friends in private and keep it out of the public eye on ATG.
Remember.....Anything and Everything you post to a public forum is Exactly That and remains Public Forever, whether it's deleted or not.

4.) Deletion Of Posts
From time to time we may see a need to delete one or more of your posts. It could be for a number of reasons and doesn't necessarily mean you did anything wrong. So please do not take it personal. This goes for every member of ATG, and not even the Moderators are immune to having a post deleted.
We may reach a point here where some old post will need to be deleted to save memory for new posts.......without having to buy more memory/bandwidth to keep the forum going.
If you have a post deleted and do not receive a message from a moderator or the administrator stating that you did or said something wrong, then simply don't worry about it and don't take it personally.
Trust me, If you did anything wrong you will be contacted by one of us.

5.) Advertising or Selling of Good and Services
Everyone here is welcome to sell their goods here on ATG.
There is a Swap and Shop section dedicated to it, so please feel free to use it.
If you have items that you would like to sell on a continual basis and feel the need for a Store Front, we can also accommodate that as well.
Contact the Administrator Daywalker for details.
If it seems that you have an item that you will be selling for an extended period of time and have not set up a Store Front, you may be contacted by one of us.

Be sure to check the Swap n Shop section for further rules. Store Front rules also applies and are the same for Swap n Shop..

6.) Please Be Courteous and Friendly To Others
No one should have to ask to be treated nicely in a fair manner, that should be a given. However some people will ultimately go out of their way to be hateful, disrespectful, and downright mean to others. This rule is for those individuals.
Personal attacks on other members will get you warned at the very least and could quite possibly get you banned from the site. Personal attacks will not be tolerated.
Healthy debate is good for everyone because one sword sharpens another, just keep it friendly and on topic as much as possible and check your ego at the door.

7.) No Brand Bashing or Bashing Of Another Member's Choice Of Equipment
We all cannot afford to buy the Best and Most Expensive equipment available. Some people must work within their budget which sometimes means using the most affordable tools and equipment available to them. Please be mindful of this fact that we are all striving to reach the same goal and it doesn't matter what equipment we choose to utilize to reach that goal. Help each other, respect each other, and have a little compassion for your fellow ATG'r even if that member's equipment seems substandard to you.

If you are observed brand bashing or bashing another member for the equipment they choose to use, you could suffer disciplinary action. Again, please keep in mind that other may have the product/brand that you dislike, however they may not experience the same problems with their equipment and take pride in that product. What works or does not work for you is not always the same case for others. So please just be respectful when giving your product reviews/experiences.

Below is an example of brand/product bashing vs. an acceptable example of getting the same point across without brand/product bashing. If you think that your post will possibly violate this rule please see a site administrator/moderator for feedback before posting.

Brand/Product bashing:
- “I used X product from X company and that piece of junk broke. I will never buy another product from X company.”
- “I have had several problems with products from brand X. Stay away from them because all their stuff is junk/crap.”

Acceptable format to get the same point across:
-“I used X product from X company and it broke/malfunctioned. Due to the bad experiences that I have had with X brand products I will no longer purchase their products or recommend them to others.”
-“I have had several problems with products from brand X and do not recommend them. However I have had good success with products from brand Y and have not had any problems with their product like I have had with brand X.”

If you don't like brand "X" for having a problem with only one of brand "X's" products, that isn't enough evidence to steer fellow members away from all of brand "X".

If you want to share your problems and concerns about brand "X", please do, but have factual evidence ready to back up your claim. (Who, What, When, Where, Why and How...) If you leave out the part about having a 4' cheater bar on the press handle....that will make any product seem inferior.

Remember, the end user could be just as much at fault as brand "X". Be sure to read the entire instruction manual and use only as directed. Even the highest quality tools will break if used above and beyond what they are designed for.

8.) Equipment Reviews
Equipment Reviews are Encouraged, but please refer and read Rule #7 before posting a review. I'm sure we would all like to read another member's experience with a particular product and may even be asked for our opinions from time to time. Just be mindful of others when doing so.
Same goes for those who own equipment that gets a bad rap from someone else. Please offer your opinion why you have had success with a particular item up for review, but don't take it personal. Keep the debate healthy and friendly, that's all we ask.

9.) Regarding Fundraisers
No posting of fundraisers either personal, private, or organized without Administration approval.

10.) Policing Of Swap and Shop Ads and Business Transactions
This should be common courtesy practiced by all members regarding asking prices for items for sale or trade in the Swap and Shop category. Please do not post publicly about the prices of an item that another member has for sale, even if you know where it can be found cheaper. That is rude and disruptive to the person who started the ad. If there is a discrepancy about the price of an item and you feel the need to point it out to the owner of the item, please do so in a respectful and courteous manner through a Private Message and NOT on the open forum.
The same goes for haggling or hashing out an agreement between the seller and the buyer, do your business in Private and NOT within the ad post.
This is mainly out of respect for the buyer and the seller, and it also keeps the ad posts free from clutter. If in doubt send an email or Private Message (PM) because that's what the feature is there for.
Any posts that violate this rule will be deleted.

That's all the Rules we have for now, but all the above are subject to changes and additions as the need arises.
Please enjoy your time here on ATG and we hope you have learned something, offered something to the discussions, or possibly helped someone else.
We are Thankful for Each and Every Single One Of You!

~Daywalker~ contact anytime through this website ATG

contact by Personal Message on ATG

**To use the personal message (pm) feature for anyone, simply click on their username and then click on "Contact" choose the PM option to send a personal message**

"The Constitution shall never be construed to prevent the people of the United States who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms."
- Samuel Adams

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