I gotta wooden dowel stuck in the barrel of my Marlin 62.

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Solved Hammering on a steel rod got the bullet out.

Post by EdgarEg on Sun Jan 29, 2012 12:17 am

Summary: Hammering on a steel rod got the bullet out.

Thanks to all for the good ideas and especially to those that suggested a steel rod:
dartfreak75 wrote:at this point id take the barrel off the action and find a steel rod to push it through the muzzle it gonna be hard to push all that the wrong way down the barrel
algunjunkie wrote:You will need/may need:Small sections of a steel rod that fit the barrel snugly but not tightly.
Reload3006 wrote:You are going to need a good piece of steel and a hammer to get this job done.
I bought a threaded brass rod, a threaded steel rod and an unthreaded steel rod today at Sears Hardware. I tried the threaded brass rod threaded to the end of the Brownell's squib rod. The threaded brass rod just bent. Yes, Reload3006, you told me so.

Then I tried the unthreaded steel rod.

It is way longer than my barrel but I thought I would try it any way. I put Vise Grips on one end to make it easier to hammer down and to hammer it out if needed. I put tape on it in a few places to keep it from rubbing the rifling and maybe damaging the rifling like Reload3006 suggested.

I have new respect for steel. I see why so many things are made of it and so few things are made of brass. Like Conan was taught: You can trust steel:

Here is the bullet that came out. Notice the wood fragments from the dowel and what's left of the blue plastic I used as a guide for the drill bit.


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Solved Re: I gotta wooden dowel stuck in the barrel of my Marlin 62.

Post by Reload3006 on Sun Jan 29, 2012 1:18 am

Glad you got er done some time ya just gotta get gorilla Congrats.

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