222 load recomendations

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222 load recomendations

Post by tripples on Sun Jan 08, 2012 1:01 am

I am looking for some load recommendations for a 222. I am going to be loading some ammo for my brother in laws son. He has an old remington model 700 that was passed down from a great uncle that recently passed.
He received several boxes of ammo with it, mostly reloads. Unfortunately the load data that is written on the paper in each box has the micrometer setting he used on his powder measure. The other unfortunate thing is one of his uncles helped himself to all the reloading equipment without any intention of using it. It has been sold on eBay or one of the internet sites so there is no way of figuring out what the charges were.
Some of the powders that were used are, dupont 3031, 4198, and some that you can not make out. Not that I would use the load data that he has listed because this ammo was loaded back in 1965 to 1967

I do know he used sierra and speer bullets in the 52, 53 grain range.

I'm sure one of you 222 shooters will have some kind of favorites.


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Re: 222 load recomendations

Post by CMAsailor on Sat Jan 28, 2012 12:23 pm

Matt reloads for his downunder, send him a msg.
Im atbwork but im pretty sure lyman lists loads, and sierra. Theres abunch of those 600s and 660s out there ive been dying to get ahold of in 222

Let us know how it works out

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