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Post by Daywalker on Mon Jan 30, 2012 12:26 am

Rbhusson had sent me some samples of Froglube. I do want to thank him for that. What I recieved was 3 small sample tubes of liquid lubricant and a small jar of paste. This is green in color.

With the paste, there was a small application brush as well. This product smells like, I want to say wintergreen. Kinda makes me want to just eat some of it. Oh yea, it is made from food grade products. While you can eat it,(I did take a small dab and tries it lol) it is reccomended that you do not. It is safe and biodegradable making it great for the environment.

I am going to be doing some testing with this and report my findings both here and via youtube videos. I plan on using my Taurus 1911 and the Beowulf as my test platforms. I wanted to do a pistol and a semi auto rifle. The 1911, I will do a video applying froglube and then over time, shooting it as much as I can without cleaning. After a few months, I will do another video stripping the 1911 to see how well Froglube has kept the carbon build up off and how easily it is to clean just by simply wiping the parts off with just a dry cloth.

I will also do the same with the Beowulf.

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There are other youtube videos out there on this product, I am hoping, and positive that I will have the same results. I may just be converting to this as my cleaner/lubricant..

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