Bullseye 45acp Load

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Bullseye 45acp Load

Post by Reload3006 on Tue Feb 07, 2012 11:01 am

Ok for two weeks now I have been getting to do a little playing with my M&P I have a Lyman 452374 mold and my secret santa sent me some .452 cramer hps ... Ok I bought an estate and got about a full pound of Bullseye I never have used it before but all the data I could find looked like it would be a pretty good powder. So my lyman bullets are about 220 grains I dont know the BNH and it doesn't matter because they arent leading. Nor did the 200 gr Cramers. Ok I got out my old hornady manual and loaded up 15 using 5.0gr of bullseye with the 220 grain pills and no there wasn't any signs of pressure at least not on the brass. But man it was a violently snappy recoil compaired to factory. So I got to digging deeper in my load manuals and found that for some of them i was about .3 3 tenths of a grain over max. so the next weekend I loaded up some with 4.2 grains about the middle of the lyman manual I had but still Snappy on the recoil. Is this just a trait of Bullseye? I have been used to using IMRsr4756 I may go back to it it seems to be a little smoother on the recoil. What do Y'all think?

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Re: Bullseye 45acp Load

Post by hawcer on Tue Feb 07, 2012 11:19 am

Bullseye is a faster than fast on the burn chart. I have a pound of it, but only used it in a few 9mm and 380 loads and didn't like it much. I haven't tried it in the 45acp since I've been having good luck with the WST(which is a bit slower than bullseye). 5gr of Bullseye seems a bit high for a 45acp...I think I'm only using about 4.2gr of wst to get the job done with casted 230grainers , and it's pretty mellow.

But if I throw my 44mag in the equation...faster powder has always been more snappy feeling when compared to full house magnum loads(comparing Unique to LilGun).

Looking at the burn rate chart...the IMR powder you have been using is a lot farther down on the chart and much slower than most powders used in the 45acp. it is almost stepping into the magnum territory. Probably why you are getting a softer/slower recoil. If it is working for you ....keep with it.

The bullseye would be good for quick shooting and fast recoiling shots.....competition type stuff I guess.

Sorry to keep going on...

You might be getting more "pop" with the bullseye due to the cast pills being .452 instead of .451 of a jacketed round. Keep using the IMR for the jacketed stuff and dial in the bullseye for the cast stuff....I prefer slower powders for jacketed bullets and faster powders for cast(handguns only of course)...but that might just be me,lol.

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Re: Bullseye 45acp Load

Post by scorge30 on Sun Mar 25, 2012 1:06 am

I use a lot of Bullseye because it is cheap and although a tad smokey, one of my favorite loads.

I keep my self loading Bullseye loads for .45 ACP to about 4 gr because even with a Shock Buff kit in the gun I hate the sound of the barrel and frame slapping together.

In my T/C Contender .45 Win Mag barrel shooting either .45 ACP or .45 Auto Rim, 5 gr is a great charge. Yes it is a little snappy and smokey but in a heavy T/C Contender 14" barrel it is a great round.

I can hit the 300 yard gong all day with this load under cheap 250 gr hollow points.

I do prefer slower powders for the heavy stuff like 4227 but Bullseye is so cheap it is great for plinking.

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Re: Bullseye 45acp Load

Post by cbunt1 on Mon Jun 11, 2012 12:28 pm

5.0 - 5.5 gr of Bullseye under a 200 grain H&G 68 SWC, seated to 1.25 OAL has been a standard .45 ACP competition load for a long time. In my commander it runs just under 900FPS. In a Gov' length gun, i'd back down a couple of tenths to stay at the 900FPS range (it's a sweet spot with that bullet IME).

4.8-5.0 grains of Titegroup under the same pill is also excellent. I'm not sure what powder they use, but the "Bill Wilson Signature Load" that Wilson Combat's selling these days is that same slug travelling aroudn 875 FPS.

Yes, it's a bit "Snappy," but it's quick back to battery, and accurate, which is why it's so popular in the action pistol games (IDPA, IPSC, etc.) I run it with a 20-22# spring in a commander, and it's done me right for a few years.


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Re: Bullseye 45acp Load

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