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bullet mold modification Empty bullet mold modification

Post by tripples on Fri Nov 02, 2012 6:08 pm

I'm thinking about modifying my lee 200 grain swc bullet mold to cast 185 grain swc's.

Here are the measurements of the bullets from the mold and with filing the bullet down. (Eliminating the bevel base)
.613-189.0 grains
.605- 186.4 grains
.600- 184.6 grains
All the above weights are with an unlubed bullet.

My question is has anyone done this with luck? The questions I have are will I have enough of a driving band below the lube groove as to not introduced a leading problem. I am still going to have about .085 thickness from the base to the lube groove.

The only reason I'm looking to do this is I would like to cast 185 grain bullets and have at the least a 4 cavity mold and not have to spend an arm and leg.

If anyone has a good lead on a 185 grain mold for a decent price let me know, or anyone has any input on my thought of modifying my mold please let me know.


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