European powders. Buckshot reloading

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European powders. Buckshot reloading

Post by Ukreloader123 on Sun Apr 13, 2014 5:23 am

Hi people!

So we all know that there are reloading books out there that offer load data for reloading with powders such as alliant and imr, these load books offer data for buckshot loads and slug and hell if you can't find it you can always call the powder manufacturer! My question is.... Where can I find buckshot load data for powders such as Vectan.

Powders in the UK are expensive anyway but by far the cheapest is Vectan. Although there is normal 'shot' reloading data online here and there, I cannot find anything for buckshot.

I am looking to use either the Vectan AS or A1 to load some light recoiling (maybe 8 or 9 pellet) 00 buckshot loads. And also some low recoiling #4 buck loads. Can anyone help with a source of data? Is it possible to just use the normal data for 7.5 shot by weight for buckshot?

Appreciate any help I can get!


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