Old Ranch Dog molds PDFs topic

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Old Ranch Dog molds PDFs topic

Post by scorge30 on Wed Dec 01, 2010 12:30 pm

As per DW's and my discussion of posting these old diagrams for the original RD molds, this is to start the topic so DW can post a D/L link for the PDFs.

These are the old original mold diagrams from the first run of molds so I am not in possession of any improvements or changes that might have been made.

I'll get these e-mailed off to DW here in a few minutes. I should be doing homework, but would much rather talk about guns and pouring boolits.


Ranch Dog's TLC379-235-RF.pdf

Ranch Dog's TLC432-300-RF.pdf

Ranch Dog's TLC311-165-RF.pdf

Ranch Dog's TLC359-190-RF.pdf

Ranch Dog's TLC432-300-RF.pdf

Ranch Dog's TLC432-350-RF.pdf

Ranch Dog's TLC432-265-RF.pdf

Ranch Dog's TLC460-350-RF.pdf

Ranch Dog's TLC313-115-RF.pdf

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Re: Old Ranch Dog molds PDFs topic

Post by Daywalker on Wed Dec 01, 2010 1:09 pm

Downloadable links added. Thanks for sharing scorge30...

I would like to also to the time to thank forum member XbonesX for letting me in on Google Docs to make it possible for members to share file to download. I do not mind helping out at all...

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