Points and Reputation System - Updated 11/25/2010

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Points and Reputation System - Updated 11/25/2010

Post by Daywalker on Fri Oct 22, 2010 7:55 pm

Team Players, when you look at posts, I am sure you have seen to the right the + and the - marks. To the left of your avatars. If you like what a person has said, or you like the post, just like on youtube, you can click the + and that will give the person who posted that a point. This is how you earn your points.

Every - you give, that takes away a point. You only get one vote.

The honors, this is where you have to be careful. Lets say you post a question about a certain item. Lets say about .35 Remington. You hare having a problem with it. Everyone that posts to help you, you will see a button that says "Thank You". This is a one shot button. You can only thank one person. You need to save that button for the one person you feel really gave you the best help and deserves the Thanks. This button yields a few points.

I am working on a special rank for those who reach a certain amount of Honor points.

The reason behind this is that a person really earns their points and ranks. Most forums, your rank moves up based on your posts. The problem with that, people will post just about anything to get their post counts up and move up in Rank. So you could post 500 jokes and have a rank as expert. A newbie could see that rank a expert and think you know everything to help them when you may not.

This way, if you are active, and posting actual information and good curtious information and not being rude or making the person feel small, then you will move up in points and get a special rank that is actually earned and not given...

If used correctly, and honestly, then a person posting will notice if they have more negatives and less points, that hey, I may need to rethink myself and see how I am posting. Kinda help moderate themselves as well. Obviously you will not want to be the one person with more Red bars by their names then green bars...

I hope this helps...

Oh and I would like to add, as the Admin, PLease, I would ask that no one gives me the Thank You. I do not want to take away from the members here. You all are the ones that needs these to move yourselves up. Please, do not give me the Thanks Button on any posts. Now, as the Admin I can also take away points from those who misbehave and do not want to play nice..

Not all catagories gives points. You may still see the + and - and the "Thank You" button, however, no one will get the points by using them..

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