OpticsPlanet "Make a Deal" Promo

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OpticsPlanet "Make a Deal" Promo

Post by XbonesX on Thu Apr 25, 2013 3:40 pm

I placed my first order with OpticsPlanet for a scope base this week. I have heard good things about them from people like NicNac.

Anyways, since I placed an order I am now on their mailing list. Today I received an email for a "Make a Deal" promo. It states:
1. Grab the Product Code from any product page.
2. Call (877)568-2032 or use Live Chat and say "I'm requesting a deal!"

I decided to give it a try on a Nightforce scope I've been drooling over. These are generally ALWAYS excluded from promos and deals and every retailer seems to be the same price. Well sure enough they offered it to me for $175 under their online listed price, including free shipping and no taxes. I was pretty surprised.

Now if I can just come up with the money to actually buy it. =)

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