New project - pillar bed Savage 110E

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New project - pillar bed Savage 110E

Post by scorge30 on Wed Oct 24, 2012 2:52 pm

While I am waiting on parts for the little Sako, I decided to try to get one of my other rifles pillar bedded and repair the stripped out rear screw hole.

My old Savage 110E in 7mm Rem Mag is a great rifle and has served me well. I picked it up used from Gunbroker a few years ago and noticed the action jumps around in the stock when I shoot it. I have already replaced the factory plastic trigger housing with a metal one from MidwayUSA. When I replaced the plastic trigger housing noticed the rear wood screw just fell out, completely stripped out of the wooden stock.

So today I got a chance to get out to the shed and my little Harbor Freight drill press and hog out three holes in the stock for aluminum pillars. The bedding pillars I got from this chap on Ebay:

He makes aluminum pillars for several different makes of rifles, the prices are not bad and shipping is quick. I have used several of his pillars on various Mauser projects but this will be the first time I will use his pillars on a Savage. I am not that fond of the epoxy he sells for bedding I much prefer Defcon steel bed, but each to their own.

If you are not familiar with a Savage 110E which is the older model with tang safety, it has a unique flat area ahead of the trigger. The Savage 110 bedding pillars this chap sells have a flat area milled into it to account for the action resting against the pillar.

I got the stock drilled in three places. For the rear aluminum pillar I again bought from a seller on Ebay that I have dealt with when I was doing my two 10-22s:

I will use the thinner diameter pillar in the rear. I cut it in half with my chop saw, and then drilled and tapped it for the same thread count as the other two action screws. I am hoping this will give me three solid points to screw my stock to the action of the Savage.

Epoxy is drying now in the front hole. I have decided to do the two action pillar in two steps. The first step is just enough epoxy to hold the pillar in place. Then I will pack the trigger area with Play Dough and slide the rear pillar in place. The Play Dough will keep the epoxy from getting into the trigger assembly.

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